Not sure what’s wrong with your car?

Charlestown Steering Services specialise in diagnostic mechanics to fix your car

When you’re not sure what’s wrong with your car? When you can feel that something isn’t right- don’t ignore it! When addressed early, most mechanical issues can end up costing you a lot less than if the problem is left unaddressed.

We have the latest in technology at our Gateshead mechanical workshop and can diagnose mechanical problems quickly and accurately. The more we know about the problem before we fix your car, the faster and more certain of fixing the root of the problem we can be.

Choose our mechanic in Gateshead for comprehensive diagnostic service

Once we know what is wrong we can give you your options for fixing it. We take budget and your needs into account when we recommend a solution. We have a great network of suppliers, giving us access to genuine parts as well as cost-effective aftermarket solutions.

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