Pink slip mechanic – get your safety check with us

While you wait pink slip safety check service in Gateshead for petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles

Charlestown Steering Services makes getting your annual pink slip quick and easy! Being centrally located in Gateshead, there is plenty to do while you wait for us to complete your short vehicle safety check, with a café and kids’ play centre both within a very short distance of our car workshop.

Avoid the mechanical mumbo-jumbo with Charlestown Steering

It’s important that you understand exactly what condition your vehicle is in. Our team take the time to explain things in simple and easy-to-understand terms – avoiding the technical mechanical speak that means nothing to a lot of people!

Did you know you can have your rego check up to 6 months prior to rego date?

Is your car rego due soon? You can schedule your annual safety check any time during the 6 months leading up to your registration expiry date! Why not have your safety check completed during your next schedules car service – we can do your safety check and issue your pink slip all during your regular logbook and intermittent service.

Schedule your annual safety check today on (02) 4943 4860